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Over 5 Thousand benefited babies

Company specialized in babies brain monitoring in NICU


Get to know our international case with the article: “PBSF combines Cloud technology and advanced medicine to serve newborns”, published on the Microsoft Brazil and International websites.

PBSF - Protecting Brains & Saving Futures

The PBSF ( Protecting Brains, Saving Futures) is a company formed by a group of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit pediatricians who aim spreed, facilitate and apply methodologies of neuroprotection and neuromonitoring in high-risks newborns

Educational Platform PBSF

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Medical Team

Team of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit pediatricians dedicated to bring experiences and technology promoting remote assistance; the appliance of brain monitoring; data storage and Neurological NICU ICU result analysis.

Why choose PBSF?

PBSF goal is to increase the quality of neurocritical care and work with the Neurological Neonatal ICU concept on a large scale. Through the use of a Monitoring Center, we are connected to hospitals and maternities 24/7, allowing implementation of internationally validated protocols, real time case discution, specialized assistance; remote continuous brain monitoring, data storage and analysis of results. 

Building a better future

Technology is more present in our lives as days pass by. However, every evolution needs a reason to exist.

International Collaboration and Partnerships

People come together for a purpose, and partnerships are based on the needs for cooperation to achieve them.
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PBSF Educational Platform



This course has 05 modules created to help professionals interested in good quality clinical research, starting from the basics to big research projects. 

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Advanced Concepts in Neonatal Neurological ICU

This is a course created to help professionals who are work with Neonatal Neurology and want to study Neurological Neonatal ICU in-depth concepts.

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Atualização de boas práticas clínicas em Neonatologia

Update on good clinical practices in Neonatology

This is a course created to help professionals who work inn the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  and want to study the main topics of the current Neonatology. 

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About PBSF


Organization recognized for its permanent search for innovative proposals, for the strength of its evolution and technical progress as a result of the principles and foundations that support our work base.


Use technology and intelligence to prevent neurological impairment in high-risk children.


The project was created in 2013 by a group of specialists working at Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo and became an operating company in July 2016.

Currently, through a monitoring center called “Central of Surveillance and Intelligence” (CSI), PBSF monitored infants in over 30 hospitals in different regions of Brazil and India. More than 4,500 patients have already been reached.

Localization map

Mapa do Brasil

Our team

Dr. Gabriel Variane

Founder of PBSF;
Medical Director of the Neuro-NICU at Santa Casa de São Paulo;
Co-chair, Communication and Networking committee, Newborn Brain Society.

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Dr. Alexandre Netto

Co-Founder of PBSF;

Physician graduated from the University of Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo.

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Dr. Mauricio Magalhães

Scientific Director of PBSF, graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.
Head of the Service of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics, Santa Casa de São Paulo.

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Dra. Rafaela Fabri

Medical Coordinator PBSF, Residency in Pediatrics and Neonatology by the Brotherhood of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo.

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Dr. Marcelo Mimica

Research Director PBSF, Graduation (2001) in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.

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