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About PBSF

Eyesight Organization recognized for its permanent search for innovative proposals


Eyesight Organization recognized for its permanent search for innovative proposals, for the strength of its evolution and technical progress as a result of the principles and foundations that support our work base


Use technology and intelligence to prevent neurological sequelae in high-risk children

History and Development

The project was created in 2013 by a group of specialists working at Santa Casa de Misericórdia in São Paulo and became an operational company in July 2016. Currently, through a monitoring center called “Surveillance and Intelligence Center (SIC), PBSF provides assistance to 23 hospitals in different regions of Brazil. By June 2020, more than 3000 patients have benefited

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Neurological NICU Concept

Surveillance and Intelligence Center

Continuous Electroencephalography in ICU (aEEG/EEG)

Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

Training and Courses

About Us

A PBSF – Protecting Brains & Saving Futures


We are a company formed by a group of specialists that aims to disseminate, facilitate and apply neuroprotection and neumonitoring methodologies in high-risk newborns.High-risk babies are considered to be extreme premature babies; newborns with perinatal asphyxia (lack of oxygenation close to the moment of delivery); convulsive crisis; status epilepticus; malformations of the central nervous system; intracranial hemorrhage; congenital heart disease, or those with an inborn error of metabolism.
The objective of PBSF is to promote the concept of Neonatal Neurological ICU in maternity hospitals and hospitals, through a Monitoring and Connection Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which makes it possible to discuss protocols; promoting remote assistance; the application of brain monitoring; data storage and analysis of the results of the Neonatal Neurological ICU.

The result is an early diagnosis of brain damage in these at-risk babies. PBSF also conducts training for the implementation of the Neonatal Neurological ICU Model and offers online courses on the topic for the teams of the hospitals served.

Dr. Gabriel Variane | Founder of PBSF

“Our goal is to reach the largest number of patients and hospitals across the country and even abroad, being the largest network of brain monitoring and neonatal neuroprotection in the world. Since, the lower the socioeconomic status, the greater the risks, we also intend to strengthen the relationship with the Secretariats and the Ministry of Health, with a view to extending the benefits to SUS and large public hospitals”