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PBSF is already present in 33 hospitals in the 5 regions of Brazil,

contributing to the health of thousands of babies through

the TELEMEDICINE system.

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Santa Joana Hospital and Maternity together with Pro Matre Paulista, located in the capital of São Paulo (SP) were the first private services to implement the Neonatal Neurological ICU model and the Perinatal Group in Rio de Janeiro was the first to work with the model outside of the state of São Paulo. As of 2016, several other hospitals became members of the PBSF.

In Baixada Santista, the technology has already been implemented in the Hospital Complex dos Estivadores; at the Santa Casa de Santos; and at the Jorge Rossmann Regional Hospital, in Itanhaém. In the city of São Paulo, large hospitals, such as Sepaco and the São Cristóvão Saúde Group also rely on technology.

In Brasilia, Hospital Santa Luzia (HSL), from the D’Or São Luiz Network, being the 1st institution in the Midwest to have a monitoring system.

“Our goal is to reach the largest number of patients and hospitals across the country and even abroad, being the largest network of brain monitoring and neonatal neuroprotection in the world. Since, the lower the socioeconomic status, the greater the risks, we also intend to strengthen the relationship with the Secretariats and the Ministry of Health, aiming to extend the benefits to SUS and large public hospitals”, says Dr. Gabriel Variane.

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Where we are

PBSF is already present in several regions of Brazil, contributing to the health of thousands of babies through the telemedicine system.

In addition to the availability of technology and equipment for the implementation of the Neonatal Neurological ICU model, PBSF enables the discussion and implementation of internationally validated protocols, and initial and longitudinal training sessions are promoted with the teams and, all of this, allows the physician at the bedside to count with highly specialized assistance from a team from Surveillance and Intelligence Center (SIC).

Mapa do Brasil
  1. Santa Casa de São Paulo – SP
  2. Santa Joana – SP
  3. Pró Matre – SP
  4. Santa Maria – SP
  5. Hospital dos Estivadores de Santos – SP
  6. Perinatal Laranjeiras – RJ
  7. Perinatal Icaraí – RJ
  8. Perinatal Barra – RJ
  9. Perinatal Teresópolis – RJ
  10. Hospital Estadual de Itanhaem – SP
  11. Hospital Santa Luzia – DF
  12. Hospital Sepaco – SP
  13. Hospital Santa Lúcia – DF
  14. Unimed Volta Redonda – RJ
  15. Hospital São Cristóvão – SP
  16. UTI Nicola Albano Unidade Macaé – RJ
  17. UTI Nicola Albano Unidade Campos de Goytacazes – RJ
  18. Hospital Moinhos de Vento – RS
  19. Clínica Santa Helena em Aracajú – SE
  20. Hospital Santa Helena – DF
  21. Hospital Geral de Carapicuíba – SP
  22. Santa Casa de Belém – PA
  23. Hospital da Criança e Maternidade de São José do Rio Preto – SP