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Digital Neurological ICU
Discover the Neon ICU, our intensive neonatal care structure to prevent avoidable neurological injuries.

The digital solution to prevent neurological sequelae in high-risk newborns.

NEON ICU is the abbreviation for a Digital Neonatal Neurological ICU, a specialized ICU designed to care for high-risk newborns with the aim of significantly reducing the risks of permanent neurological injury.

A transformative solution, which allows hospitals to be able to reach a new level of excellence in an innovative way.

In hospitals and maternity wards throughout Brazil and around the world, we have implemented all the necessary infrastructure to install NEON modules in their ICUs, offering everything from hardware to staff training, with emphasis on monitoring and 24-hour support for hospitalized patients through our Network of Monitoring, NEON NET®.

With specialists working from various locations around the world, more than 7,000 babies have been monitored throughout our history. With this, we also have the largest neonatal monitoring database, which through machine learning tools enables intelligent analysis of neurological data, with the aim of making increasingly early and efficient diagnoses, to take care of the future of our babies.

All of this is supported by neonatologist Dr. Gabriel Variane and his medical team, founder of PBSF and ICU’s NEONs. The team is known to be responsible for disseminating and improving the concept of neonatal neurological monitoring and the application of its therapeutic practices.

Commitment to offer the best solution, with the best cost-benefit for the prevention of avoidable neurological sequelae.


Longitudinal Education

The Digital Neurological Neonatal ICU – NEON ICU offers longitudinal education that allows health professionals to participate in training, scientific updates and constant clinical case discussions on best practices for the care of high-risk patients.

This approach is essential to ensure that the team is prepared to deal with complex situations and new challenges that may arise.

Real-time medical advice

The Digital Neurological Neonatal ICU – NEON ICU offers consultation and discussion of clinical cases with specialist physicians in neonatal neurology in real time. This is particularly important for complex cases where the team needs additional guidance in making urgent and important decisions.

Multi-modal monitoring

The Digital Neurological Neonatal ICU – NEON ICU uses advanced remote monitoring technology that allows the team to continuously monitor the vital and cerebral signs of babies, even from a distance, through integrated amplitude video electroencephalogram, Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and control methodologies thermal with automated mattress.

The combination of these strategies offers babies who need intensive care better monitoring, with early and accurate identification of risk signs at any time, making assistance more efficient and accurate, improving the quality of life of babies.

Virtual and mixed reality tools

The Digital Neurological Neonatal ICU – NEON ICU uses tools with virtual and mixed reality within the hospital unit to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of babies.

These tools allow clinical and neurological assessment to be performed at the bedside in a clearer, more homogeneous and accurate way, with real-time remote support.