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Created in 2019, NeoBrain Brazil is an International Congress of Brain Monitoring and Neuroprotection organized by PBSF (Protecting Brains & Saving Futures). The purpose of the event is to exclusively discuss neuroprotection and care protocols focused on the brain of high-risk babies around the world.

In its first edition, NeoBrain Brazil received nine international speakers – several of them members of the Newborn Brain Society – and more than 900 participants, all linked to the health area as doctors, pediatricians, neonatologists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, other professionals and students.

On March 7, 2024, pre-congress workshops will be held, addressing topics such as brain monitoring, prevention of peri-intraventricular hemorrhage, nutrition, and respiratory care to protect the premature brain.

Vacancies are limited. If you are interested in participating, send an email to inscricoes@neobrain.com.br and request additional information.

Central Theme: The brain of the premature

The Congress aims to enable and expand the discussion of topics such as: 

March, 8 th

March, 8th (Friday)

07h30 - Welcome


08h00 - Session 1

08h00Obstetric Interventions to Prevent Preterm Birth and Brain Injury - Speaker: Antonio Moron
08h20Neonatal resuscitation training to protect the preterm brain - Speaker: Maria Fernanda Branco de Almeida
08h40Neuroprotective bundle for Intraventricular Hemorrhage Prevention - Speaker: Khorshid Mohammad
09h00Q&A and discussion - Moderator: Lilian Sadeck e Ruth Guinsburg

09h30 - Opening ceremony


10h10 - Coffee Break


10h30 - Session 2

10h40Hemodynamic management in the first 72 hours of life - Speaker: Renato Procianoy
10h50The brain-gut axis - Speaker: Nicholas Embleton
11h10Infections and the preterm brain - Speaker: Pablo Sanchez
11h30Protecting the Brain during respiratory care: the importance of the Brain-Lung Axis - Speaker: Guilherme Sant'Anna
12h00Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Renata Lorenzetti e Maurício Magalhães

12h30 - Lunch Symposium "All Care is Brain Care" - Speaker: Sonia Bonifacio - Moderators: Rodrigo Jesus e Lais Seccomandi


14h00 - Session 3

14h00The Role of a Neurological ICU to Protect the Preterm Brain - Speaker: Krisa Van Meurs
14h20aEEG monitoring for stable and critically ill premature infants in the Neonatal ICU - Speaker: Eilon Shany
14h40NIRS in the preterm population - Speaker: Mohamed El-Dib
15h00Multimodal monitoring - Speaker: Gabriel Variane 
15h20Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Rafaela Fabri e Paula Girotto

15h50 - Coffee Break


16h20 - Session 4

16h20Anemia and blood transfusion in preterm infants - Speaker: Valerie Chock
16h40Neuroimaging Strategies to Assess the preterm Brain - Speaker: Antonio Rocha
17h00Neurodevelopmental care and families in the Neonatal ICU - Speaker: Kathi Randall
17h20Strategy for a post-hospital discharge follow-up program - Speaker: Rita de Cassia Silveira
17h40Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Paulo Pachi e Clery

18h10 - Closing Remarks (1st day)

  • the schedule may change according to the availability of the invited teachers

March, 9 th

March, 9th (Saturday)

07h45 - Welcome


08h00 - Session 1

08h00Caffeine and the preterm brain - Speaker: Mauricio Magalhães

Seizures and the preterm brain - Speaker: Eilon Shany

08h40“Preemie hypothermia trial": results of a study evaluating therapeutic hypothermia in preterm infants - Speaker:  Krisa Van Meurs
09h00Smart Neonatal ICU: A Near Future? - Speaker: Guilherme Sant'Anna
09h20Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Letícia Sampaio e Danieli Kimura

09h50 - Coffee Break


10h20 - Session 2

10h20Patent ductus arteriosus and repercussions on the preterm brain - Speaker: Valerie Chock

Point of Care bedside skills: a way out! - Speaker: Khorshid Mohammad

11h00Management of Post-hemorrhagic - Speaker: Mohamed El-Dib
11h20Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Alexandre Netto e Bianca Figueiredo
11h50Interactive Case Scenario: Realistic Simulation - Speaker: Rafaela Fabri - Moderadores: Gabriel Variane e Maurício Magalhães

12h30 - Lunch Symposium: Multidisciplinary and bedside nursing education: Development of a care team model - Palestrante: Kathi Randall - Moderators: Nicolas Rodrigues e Sabrina Zalunche


14h00 - Session 3


Updated nutritional strategies to optimize brain development- Speaker: Nicholas Embleton

14h20Novel strategies to reduce antibiotic use in the NICU - Speaker: Pablo Sanchez
14h40Innovative technologies for preemie brain care - Speaker: Mohamed El-Dib
15h00Telehealth and disruptive technologies - Speaker: Gabriel Variane
15h20Q&A and discussion - Moderators: Rafaela Fabri e Teresa Uras

15h50 - Coffee Break


16h20 - Session 4

16h20Kangaroo Care and its impact on neuroprotection - Speaker: Sérgio Marba
16h40Predicting long-term outcomes based on clinical and imaging findings - Speaker: Sonia Bonifacio
17h00High Risk Infant Follow up in California: Where are we now and where do we need to go? - Speaker: Susan Hintz
17h20Testimony from a family
17h50Q&A and discussion - Moderators: José Maria Lopes e Maria Auxiliadora Gomes
18h10 - Closing Remarks (2nd day)

*the schedule may change according to the availability of the invited teachers

11 Confirmed international speakers

Sonia Bonifacio

Stanford University School of Medicine

Krisa Van Meurs

Stanford University School of Medicine

Kathi Randall

Synapse Care Solutions

Mohamed El-Dib

Harvard Medical School

Guilherme Sant´Anna

McGill University Health Center

Nicholas Embleton

New Castle University

Valerie Chock

Stanford University School of Medicine

Khorshid Mohammad

University of Calgary

Pablo J. Sanchez

The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Eilon Shany

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Susan Hintz

Stanford University School of Medicine

Confirmed national speakers

Antonio Moron

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Angelo Chelotti Duarte
Angelo Chelotti Duarte

Santa Casa de São Paulo

Dr. Gabriel Variane
Gabriel Variane

Protecting Brains & Saving Futures

Maria Fernanda Branco de Almeida

Federal University of São Paulo - USP / ILCOR - International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation

Dr. Maurício Magalhães
Maurício Magalhães

Protecting Brains & Saving Futures

Dra. Rafaela
Rafaela Fabri

Protecting Brains & Saving Futures

Renato S. Procianoy

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul / SBP / SPRS / Newborn Brain Society

Rita de Cassia Silveira

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul / Porto Alegre Clinical Hospital - HCPA

Sergio Marba

Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Professor Titular do Departamento de Pediatria da FCM/Unicamp, Consultor neonatal e do método canguru do ministério da saúde, Membro do grupo executivo do PRN/SBP e do conselho superior da RBPN.
Afiliações: universidade estadual de campinas UNICAMP/SP.

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