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Application to control epilepsy in children


Research on epilepsy is fragmented. Hospitals and physicians are constrained by care often provided in shifts and the lack of unified access needed for large-scale data analysis and trending.

Every patient is unique and families are often forced to choose between conventional treatment pathways that are widely accepted but may not necessarily best meet the patient's needs, compared to taking high-risks with untested studies and ideas that may work better.

MirrorHR is a Children's Epilepsy Research KTI, a project in which parents use a new system with a mobile app connected to a wearable device that sends alerts when abnormal activity could indicate a seizure.

MirrorHR is a robust project that aims to empower healthcare professionals and physicians through data collection and tracking of seizures in infants with epilepsy. This project was the big winner of Microsoft’s global Hackathon.


PBSF strongly supports the work carried out by the MirrorHR team, Fight The Stroke Foundation and we anticipate that connecting the PBSF and MirrorHR platforms can leverage good results in this population.