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Prevent Study: Prevention of Epilepsy by Reducing Neonatal Encephalopathy


Epilepsy is one of the leading causes of disability in India, affecting over 12 million people in the country. This often undermines the lives of those affected and has a major impact on the socio-economic ecosystem. A significant number of cases of epilepsy are caused by brain injuries in babies during childbirth.

The Doctor Sudhin Thayyil, from Imperial College of London, is the principal investigator of the PREVENT - Prevention of Epilepsy by Reducing Neonatal Encephalopathy study. His team believes we could help reduce epilepsy by preventing brain damage sustained during childbirth. The study recruits babies in three different cities, including Bangalore, Calicut and Hubli, India.

The PBSF collaboration for the PREVENT study includes the creation of an advanced telemedicine model and a cloud-based EEG system. The monitoring system was created applying the most up-to-date technologies, using Microsoft Azure infrastructure, security and software development. In addition, tele-education among healthcare professionals in India, the United Kingdom and Brazil takes place on a weekly basis. The PREVENT trial is sponsored by the National Institute of Health, UK.